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Lionel Art Boxcar 2-Pack

Your Price: $92.99

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Buildings Lionelville
Item #NamePriceStock
12714Auto Crossing gate$38.95No
12715Illuminated Bumpers$12.95No
12717Railroad Bumpers$6.95Yes
12730Lionel Girder Bridge$18.95No
12732Coal bag$6.95Yes
12745Barrel pack$6.95Yes
12755Elevated Trestle Set$29.95Yes
12770Arch Under Bridge$24.95Yes
12883Dwarf Signal$21.95Yes
12888154 Crossing Signal$44.95Yes
12896Tunnel Portals$16.95Yes
12927#65 yard lights$21.95Yes
14005456R Operating Coal Ramp$149.99Yes
1407170 Yard Lights$29.95Yes
14083Pedestrian Walkover$47.95Yes
14090Banjo Signal$45.95No
14092Flood light tower$39.95Yes
14098Auto Crossing gate ( pair)$84.95Yes
14111153R controller$38.95No
16863Santa's Christmas Wish Station$99.00Yes
16868Straight O Gauge Tunnel$47.95No
16896Flagpole with Lights$23.95Yes
22907Die-Cast Girder Bridge$19.99Yes
24124Carnival People Pack$18.95Yes
24148Coal Tipple Coal Pack$14.99Yes
24203Polar Express Original Figures$24.95Yes
24251Polar Express Caribou Animal Pack$23.95Yes
24252Polar Express Wolves and Rabbit Animal Pack$23.95Yes
24265Trick or Treat People Pack$19.95No
37115Pedestrian Walkover (Green)$47.95Yes
37810Curved O Gauge Tunnel$54.95No
37816Rockville Bridge$499.95Yes
37829Polar Express Station Platform$34.95Yes
37834Lionel Boat 4-Pack$20.95Yes
37903Cell Tower$52.95Yes
37912Coaling Tower$153.95Yes
37913Hopper Shed$34.95Yes
37914Work House$34.95Yes
37966Lionel Cylindrical Oil Tank$79.99Yes
37977Hooker Tank Car Accident$104.95Yes
62180Railroad Yard signs$6.99Yes


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