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Lionel Metal Girder Bridge Fastrack

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Milk Loading Platform
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ITEM #: K-42407 PRICE: $72.00
CATEGORY: k accessories

This operating loading depot is designed to work with the K-LINE Operating Milk Cars. Start the conveyor with the push of a button and load the milk cans onto the belt. The cans travel into the building and wait for next available attendant. Once a milk car is in place, give the workers to go ahead to load the car by pushing another button, thereby ejecting the can into the waiting car. Activate the car with an uncoupling section or the K-712RC remote to turn on the conveyor inside the car. When the cans reach the end of the car, they are automatically unloaded onto the platform.

This illuminated depot is lettered for the Dairymanís League, however, you can use this accessory to load anything into any type of car. The height of the platform is adjustable so it can work with a variety of tracks.

Catalog: 2005 1st Edition


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